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Is Age Regression An Effective Technique?

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We are all born with a personality, but it is not something that remains stagnant throughout our lives. In fact, it is the experiences that we have in our lives that can shape and mold us into the people that we are today. At times, those skills can also hurt us, and something that may have happened in childhood will continue to be a problem later in life.

Many of the experiences we have had in the past will remain with us and sometimes, they become a part of our unconscious memories. To uncover those memories and perhaps even interact (or change) them, there is a technique known as age regression. It is a standard tool that is used by hypnotherapists, and when it can produce surprising results.

The Reasons for Age Regression

One of the most apparent reasons for age regression is due to trauma from the past. That wound could continue to be a problem for an individual and affect the way they live their life on a day to day basis. Sometimes, the memories of what has happened are so far back in the past that they are forgotten by the conscious mind, or perhaps they are repressed to help protect us from their severity. In any case, age regression is good for one of the following reasons.

Discovering the Origin of the Problem

We may be dealing with a problem in our lives, such as a profound fear of going to the doctor, and we don’t know its origin. AG can take the patient back in time to that original problem (or problems) forming the issue. Often, learning about the source of the problem can help to correct the issue in mind.

Changing Your Perception

When a problem in the past is causing issues in the present, it may be possible to use age regression to change the perception of the event. Common off-shoot techniques of AG are past life readings for a full look into the journey of the soul. A hypnotherapist may walk the patient through the process of adding games to the memory, such as fighting back when an attack occurred. This addition to the mind, real or perceived, can often make a difference in the way it affects the patient in the present.

Feeling Good about Something

Most people think of AG as only bringing up bad memories of the past, but sometimes, it can be used to bring up a good feeling as well. This technique is appropriate when someone has been having performance problems, perhaps at work or when they are playing sports. The hypnotherapist will take them back to a time when they were more confident, and things were falling into place. Remembering those feelings can help the patient to get back to that level of performance again.

Not only is age regression a standard technique, but there is also much research that shows it can be beneficial in treating a variety of issues. Sometimes, the hypnotherapist and patient may even feel that bringing up past events would cause problems, rather than correcting them. Although it is a method that can do much good, ultimately, you are in charge of your treatment.