Some Amazing Facts About Religions Around the World

feature-1Do You know that Most of each Religions have different Calendars and basis? The year 2015 is considered to be Two Thousand 15 years ago since the Christ was Born, the Muslims have counted their calendars from the time that their Prophet Muhammad left the Holly land or Mecca. The Mayan Calendar are also different and so are the Hindu, the Budhist etc…. Read More→

Can We Consider Atheism as Religion?

feature-3It has been a debate if faith on Christianity or being an Islam with faith alone can consider someone as a religion? Have you heard from somewhere that “a country where basketball is a religion?” of course that is more of an idiomatic expression. And what if someone’s faith, is a faith that now religion or God doesn’t exist? i.e.. Atheist? Can we say their religion is Atheism? Read More→

The Difference Between Religion, Sects and Cult

feature-2According to Leo Pfeffer, religions is based on your faith or belief, if you won’t care about it then it is considered to be a sect, and if you are afraid of it…. You may consider it as Cult. Those Mentioned could be somewhat true but we may also consider it based on their number, Christianity alone as a religion have different sect hence we might consider sect as a “sub group” of a religion or something a bit fewer in numbers than Religion which is more of an Umbrella of all Christian Sects. A Cult on the otherhand are considered to the least in numbers mostly below thousand to fewer than hundreds. Read More→